Things to see and do at Lockart River

Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park

Long sweeping beaches, rocky outcrops, the largest area of lowland tropical rainforest in Australia and rugged, heath-covered ranges are features of this remote park.

World War II Memorial & Bunkers

During World War II, a large bomber base was set up by the United States Army Air Corp at Lockhart River with four airstrips operating, playing a critical strategic role for American and Australian Military Forces.

Lockhart Art Centre

The Lockhart River Art Centre is made up of local artists from various generations who work out of the Centre to create spectacular works of art in a variety of forms, including acrylic painting, pottery, weaving, and carving.

Chilli Beach

Nestle down behind the coastal dunes, sheltered from sea breezes, and enjoy fishing and birdwatching in this popular beachside escape.

Out of the Blue Cafe (Portland Roads)

Enjoy spectacular views of the Coral Sea from the verandah dining area while feasting on locally caught seafood, or catch up with fellow travellers enjoying freshly brewed coffee and cake.


Please consult the required zoning information and maps before planning any fishing or marine activities. The authority zones our community respectfully requests visitors fish at Portland Roads or Chillie Beach.

Bird Watching

A variety of bird species call Lockhart River home. The eclectus parrot, the palm cockatoo and the magnificent riflebird are birds solely found in this part of Australia.

We have Bird Watchers Holiday packages available, please enquire

Other Facilities And Services For Visitors

Lockhart River Airport

The Lockhart River Airport services passenger flights, private aircrafts and charters 24/7

Ph: 07 4060 7121 or Mobile: 0427 574 333

Post Office and Automatic Teller Machine

The Lockhart River Post office and Automatic Teller machine is located at the Council building in town.

Ph: 07 4060 7144

Police Station

Lockhart River has a full time police service. To contact the station, call the Officer in Charge.

Ph: 07 4060 7120

Freddy Clarence Moses Store

The Supermarket in Lockhart stocks a range of fresh meats, fruit, vegetables, and other grocery and household items with eftpos available.

Ph: 07 4060 7192

Opening Hours: 8am – 6pm Mon to Fri. Sat 8am – Noon

Iron Range Cabins Accommodation

The Iron Range Cabins, provide modern, clean and comfortable accommodation facilities for both corporate and tourist visitors, located adjacent to the airport, 5km from the Aboriginal Community of Lockhart River.

Iron Range Cabins website

Mechanical Services

The Lockhart River mechanical workshop can assist with repairs and servicing of most types of vehicles and plant equipment.

Ph: 07 4060 7388

Council Warehouse

Council Stores are open to the public selling a range of hardware, building supplies, stationery, cleaning supplies, and Gas (LPG).

Ph: 07 4060 7144

Conference Centre & Meeting Room Hire

Need a space to have a meeting? Puuya Centre is available to hire. Contact Council to reserve.

Ph: 07 4060 7144

Fuel Supply

The Freddy Clarence Moses Store in Lockhart River has unleaded and diesel fuel available for self-service seven days a week 8am-6pm. Diesel can be purchased at the airport from 8am-5pm.

Greenhoose Accommodation

Greenhoose offers Cape York accommodation nestled amongst the Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park near Lockhart River.

Greenhoose website

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