Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bring Alcohol into Lockhart?

No. Lockhart River is a dry community.

Do you need a permit come into the Lockhart Community?

No, you do not need a permit and we encourage people to come into Lockhart River.

Can you buy food and fuel?

Yes, we have a fully stocked store that sells Diesel and Unleaded fuel.

Can you buy art?

Yes, Lockhart River has an art centre that welcomes guests to buy local artwork.

Do you offer package deals or discounts?

Yes, we have Bird Watchers Holiday packages available. Please enquire

What is the internet like in Lockhart River?

There is 3G mobile phone coverage and the internet reception is average to no reception at times.

What are the Roads and Weather like?

Roads range from sealed to unsealed, with plenty of extreme river crossings right between Wet and Dry season as the rivers begin to recede. A snorkel is highly recommended.

Wet season can start at the end of November to early May. Roads are impassable. No entry into Lockhart during this time. The Dry season starts early May to end of November.

Can you bring alcohol into the community?

Lockhart River is a dry community, with a Zero carriage limit. However, a Social Club is set to open mid 2021-22.

Can I buy a hot meal and cold drink?

Yes, The Lockhart River Social Club is set to open mid 2021-22 and will be the only venue and premise (to date) to enjoy a hot meal and a refreshing cold drink or two in town. The social club will be run by the local Indigenous community members and be a member’s only club (membership is free), not-for-profit, incorporated under the Office of the Registrar Indigenous Corporations (ORIC), and regulated by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) through an Alcohol Management Plan (AMP).

This means, a limit of mid-strength alcohol pre-mix cans and beer alcohol, (limited full strength wine is available) and daily meal specials and Take-Away food are also available. Be sure to pay a visit to the Club while in town and have a truly local experience.

As always, Respect the Club House Rules.

And, why not stay longer and enjoy the footy and live entertainment over the weekend.

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